Practical Trd. Chinese Medicine

Verlag: Verlag für fremdsprachige Literatur Beijing
Autor: Prof. Zhufan Xie
ISBN: 9787119023755
Format: 26 x 19 cm
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Sprache: English
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Professor Xie Zhufan is a leading specialist in the area of integrating Chinese and Western medicine. Taking heed of the cultural differences of the East and the West, he has written Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine to meet the needs of Western doctors who do not have the knowledge of Chinese but wish to study Chinese medicine. The book is reader-friendly, explaining profound concepts in simple terms. It covers basic theories and major therapeutic measures, i.e., herbal medication and acupuncture. The diseases discussed are mainly those, for which Western medical treatment is either hardly effective or likely to produce serious side effects while Chinese medicine may gain better results. The therapeutic methods have been carefully selected; they are quite practical and easy to apply, indicating the characteristic features of traditional Chinese medicine: simplicity and effectiveness. The book not only includes the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, but also the fruits of Professor Xie's own experience and understanding.


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